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Shooting Doctors, Minor League Baseball & Very Long Days

I spent three days this week in Brockton, Massachusetts at the minor league baseball stadium that is home to the Brockton Rox of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League. A crew of about 7 of us set up shop in the home team locker room where we then spent 13 hours a day shooting video and still photographs of 21 physicians from Signature Medical Group. We flew in Sunday for setup, and then shot all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

My main job during the shoot was to interview each physician while they were being filmed. Over three days I interviewed 21 clinicians, most of them physicians although there were a couple of nurse practitioners in the mix. That equated to 21 hours of interviews – direct one-on-one time with these healthcare professionals. The experience was incredible. I always find that when you take the time to sit down with someone and ask them about their life and their profession, you will hear remarkable things. That was certainly the case with these healthcare professionals. Many of them were second or third generation physicians. Some from foreign countries. Some from down the street. But they all had amazing stories about why they went into medicine and why they chose their specialty.

I leave an experience like that exhausted, but also grateful that I have the kind of job that affords me these opportunities. I am truly thankful that my professional life has followed this path and taken me to where I am today. Below are a few photos from the shoot. Enjoy!

One physician gathering her thoughts
Brockton Rox Baseball Stadium
Our venue for three days in Brockton
Shooting still photography in the locker room
The photography crew after a long day

2 comments on “Shooting Doctors, Minor League Baseball & Very Long Days

  1. Dan — we so appreciate your passion for this project and healthcare in general. We BELIEVE this campaign allows Signature to share their pride in their medical staff, quality of care. As importantly, we are learning that our physicians are very appreciative of the support and attention. Great team! M

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