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10 People to Meet Today at SHSMD 2012

Each year as we head into the annual SHSMD Conference, I like to publish a list of people to meet while you’re attending the conference. This is a great opportunity to network, and I like to help move the process along, facilitating introductions. So check out my latest list of 10 people to introduce yourself to at this year’s SHSMD Conference in Philadelphia!

10 People to Meet

  1. Martin Serota, MD – Chief Medical Officer, AltaMed Health Services. I’ve often commented on the need to have more physician and patient presenters at major healthcare marketing conferences. I congratulated SHSMD for having several physician presenters at this year’s conference.
  2. Beth Austin – Principal, Crescendo Consulting Group. I met Beth earlier this year at the NESHCo Conference in Boston and we’ve continued to keep in touch. She’s very sharp.
  3. Dewey Mooring – One of my co-workers and a vice president at Jennings. One of the smartest healthcare marketers I know.
  4. Danny Fell – Great guy. EVP at Neathawk, Dubuque & Packett
  5. Dean Browell – EVP, Feedback. Dean is a friend and a thought leader in the area of healthcare social media. Did I mention that he has a PhD? Plus, he is a lover of good music and craft beer!
  6. Lisa Schiller – VP, Marketing and Public Relations, Rex Healthcare. Lisa works at one of my favorite hospitals and is presenting with Dean Browell. I strongly recommend attending their session. It hsould be great!
  7. David Marlowe – Principal, Strategic Marketing Concepts. David is one of the elder statesmen of healthcare marketing. By that I mean he has been in this business longer than most of us. He was one of the first healthcare marketers. Ask him to tell you about it!
  8. Chris Boyer – Director, Digital Marketing and Communications, Inova Health System. Chis is one of the people I look to for thought leadership in healthcare social media. If you haven’t seen him on the speaker’s circuit, make sure you catch him at this conference.
  9. Chris Bevolo – President, Interval. Chris is a friend and a terrific healthcare marketer. If you don’t know Chris, you should.
  10. Karen Corrigan – CEO, Corrigan Partners; I’ve long been a fan of Karen. She is an exceptional marketing strategist.

Enjoy the conference!

2 comments on “10 People to Meet Today at SHSMD 2012

  1. Sorry I won’t be there… Dan … flip me an email w/ the conf u will be attending…
    hjluks – at – gmail

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