Months ago I wrote about my bad habit of making physicians feel uncomfortable. My job requires that I put them in uncomfortable situations. Back in May, my team and I spent three days in Massachusetts shooting still photographs and videos of approximately 16 physicians from Signature Healthcare. The assets gathered from the shoot were to be part of a new consumer and physician marketing campaign for the health system. Finally my team and I can celebrate the fact that the campaign has launched. In fact, we’re now in phase two of production, shooting more docs and producing more videos.

I am a huge fan of using video to introduce physicians to consumers and to colleagues across town. Video is so much more powerful than a simple head shot and bio on your “find a physician” page. Through video we can humanize the physician and give the viewer some sense of who this person is. I can’t imagine a more important decision that is typically so poorly informed. When someone chooses a doctor or when a primary care physician makes a referral to a specialist, a video can help to better inform that decision-making process. It is a great tool for conveying expertise and temperament!

Below are a few of the videos from the Signature Healthcare Campaign. The first is a compilation video, followed by a number of individual physician clips. These are real people – often uncomfortable with being on video. If we’ve done our job right, they should come across as being very real – and accessible. Our goal is to make a human connection, not portray these docs as rock stars. If you’d like to visit the simple microsite that is integrated into the campaign, click here.

3 comments on “Physician Stories Told By Physicians

  1. Dan, would you recommend to doctors to use professional video companies or just to use their webcams, iPads?

    • Hi Simon, it is situational and depends on what you want to accomplish with your videos. My friend Howard Luks records video posts for his blog using his web cam, and that works fine. However, I do think there is a place for professionally produced videos – particularly when you’re introducing physicians to external audiences such as potential patients or referring physicians. So often with in-house productions, the lighting and the audio are not of sufficient quality. Also, the interviewer may not be skilled at making the subject feel comfortable – and may not know the right questions to ask. Those things influence the final product.

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