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Women and Heart Disease: The Communication Gap

My friends at Spirit of Women (not a client; no affiliation) recently published a blog post on the topic of communicating with women about cardiovascular-related diseases. As you probably know, heart disease is the number one killer of women. Spirit of Women’s focus is on bridging the very real gap in cardiovascular care for women (I believe there’s a cardiovascular communication gap that needs to be closed). To that end, Spirit’s sister company, HeartCaring, has published a white paper titled “Bridging the Gap: Expanding Cardiovascular Service Lines to Reach Women.” You can download the white paper for free by going to the HeartCaring site.

Spirit of Women has also created a new Infographic dealing with women and heart disease. I’ve embedded it below for easy viewing. You can also click on this link to visit the infographic in Spirit of Women’s website.

1 comment on “Women and Heart Disease: The Communication Gap

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