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NJ Hospital Launches TV Campaign Featuring Kelly Ripa

My client, Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ, has launched a new series of television spots promoting heart, oncology and orthopedic services. (Jennings Health developed these commercials.) The commercials feature celebrity spokesperson and Camden County native Kelly Ripa, the daughter of Camden County Freeholder Joseph Ripa and Esther Ripa. Kelly first appeared in TV spots for the hospital in 2004 and shares Cooper’s commitment to her hometown. If you don’t know much about Camden, it is an embattled community. In the 70s and 80s a good percentage of the population and jobs left the city. Employers like RCA (acquired by GE) pulled out, taking thousands of jobs with them. However, “In the past two years, major institutions like the Campbell Soup Company, Rutgers University and Cooper University Hospital have invested nearly a billion dollars toward large-scale projects in Camden, which could create upwards of a thousand new, permanent full- or part-time jobs in the city.” (Source: Next American City) Cooper recently opened the doors to its new medical school and expects to open its new Cooper Cancer Institute in the fall of 2013. Both facilities are located in the heart of Camden. Click here for a great article about Camden’s revival and the role that Cooper University Hospital has played in its redevelopment.

“When Kelly Ripa agreed to be a spokesperson for Cooper, she put a face on the organization, something we never had before,” said Jill Lawlor, Cooper Vice President, Marketing and Community Outreach. “She is wholesome, realistic, and sincere and people trust her. She instantly elevated the brand, bringing Cooper to another level entirely.”

For a behind the scenes look at the production of these TV commercials, go to Below are the first three commercials to come out of the shoot.

Cooper Heart Institute TV Commercial

Cooper Bone & Joint Institute TV Commercial

Cooper Cancer Institute TV Commercial

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