Hospital Print Ads

Another Batch of Healthcare Print Ads

Occasionally I will post collections of print ads that I’ve gathered while traveling around the country. The latest batch (below) has a little bit of everything – the good and the not so good. I rarely comment on the ads that I share, leaving the commentary to you. This time I will break with tradition. What I have to say is this: If you create ads with physicians in them, do it with a purpose and a strong concept. Photos of doctors (grouped together or featured individually) don’t mean anything and aren’t automatically relatable. It is not enough to say: “Here’s our stable of physicians.” Each print ad or online banner is an opportunity to do something relevant and meaningful. So seize the opportunity and make the most of it.

3 comments on “Another Batch of Healthcare Print Ads

  1. Dana Smith

    I like MD Anderson ads .. the strikethrough is a great concept.

  2. There are some interesting designs here. I would agree that perhaps too many healthcare companies rely on images with doctors in them. To create a standout healthcare printing piece, a company may want to consider moving away from that type of imagery.

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