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BCBS of Rhode Island Pummeled in Print Campaign

Wow. Landmark Medical Center and Steward Health Care have taken their gloves off in an ad campaign targeting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island. I’m no stranger to battles with the Blues, and I certainly appreciate the position that Landmark finds itself facing. What’s remarkable about Landmark’s approach is its willingness to openly wage war with BCBS in a public forum. Of course, Landmark is battling for its life (and Steward wants to buy Landmark if it can negotiate a more favorable deal with BCBS). Read the ads below. They aren’t pulling any punches. This is about survival. I’ve take screenshots of the first couple of ads and enlarged them so you can read the copy. It is powerful!

For more information about the battle, check out this post on the Health Care Renewal blog.

2 comments on “BCBS of Rhode Island Pummeled in Print Campaign

  1. Thanks for sharing Dan! I had a similar experience, and fortunately a positive outcome, when was I was director of marketing for New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC. We took on the bullying of BCBS through an aggressive advertising and media relations program — and won! The sad thing is that organizations have to be put in such a position in the first place. BCBS needs and deserves to make money, but only using fair and reasonable business practices.

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