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Sometimes Marketers Just Can’t Be Restrained; Shameless Self-Promotion

A week ago I wrote a post titled “Walking the Self-Promotion Tightrope.” With social media it’s important to strike a balance between promoting your company or hospital and sharing information that your audience will find interesting and engaging. In my blog, I work hard to vary the content and only promote my firm’s work when I think there’s value in sharing the story. There are occasions, perhaps two or three times a year, when I want to publicly share something I’m proud of, or an accomplishment that’s particularly noteworthy. Today is one of those days when I want to openly share information about my firm. Consider this blatant self-promotion. But this is stuff I’m excited about and how often do any of us take the time to pause and reflect on the good things we’ve accomplished?

I want to share three items. The first is the fact that this blog recently won a national Web Health Award. It was the first time I’ve entered my blog in any competition, and I did it on a whim. Frankly, I was a little intimidated having my blog judged by a panel of experts. So it was exciting, rewarding and somewhat unexpected to received this honor.

Every so often someone in our industry comes out with a list of the top healthcare marketing blogs to follow. I’m human, and I always hope that mine will make the cut. The second item I wanted to share is that the HealthEd blog recently published such a list and my blog (The Healthcare Marketer) was ranked among the top 10 healthcare marketing blogs. Also on the list was David Harlow’s HealthBlawg, one of my favorites, and the Healthcare Blog, one that I have found to be rich in content and a valuable resource. Here’s a shout out to Jeff Greene who compiled the list. Jeff leads social media and digital planning at HealthEd. You can check out the list on the HealthEd Blog by clicking here.

Finally, I want to share my excitement regarding all of the recognition my firm’s healthcare clients have received recently. Combined, they have won 50 healthcare marketing awards over the last few months. What I am most proud of is the 9 awards for digital media (blogs, social media campaigns, online video). Not only are these hospitals operating in the digital realm and engaging stakeholders, they are winning awards for the quality of the work. It was also amazing to have the Signature Healthcare and Tufts Medical Center collaboration win the Best in New England Award from the New England Society for Healthcare Communications. Not bad considering the fact that the engagement marketing firm they use is based in North Carolina! Below is the infographic we produced (far better than a press release) celebrating our clients’ awards. Click on it to enlarge.

4 comments on “Sometimes Marketers Just Can’t Be Restrained; Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Ann Hawkins

    In order to promote the dental clinic we are running, we hired a person that is expert on dentist website design. As of this moment we are waiting for the design to be submitted to us.

  2. Dan, just found your post and wanted to offer a belated “you’re welcome.” I’ve enjoyed your writing style and was happy to add you to our list of top healthcare blogs. Sometimes blogging’s a lonely business. Keep it up!

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