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Digital Media and Healthcare Providers: Infographic

My friends at Enspektos contacted me last week about their new infographic – Digital Media and Healthcare Providers: What They Believe | What They Do. Based on a study conducted by Enspektos, the infographic explores how health providers perceive and use digital and social media technologies. It also compares and contrasts physician online activities versus nurses and pharmacists. In total, 308 physicians, nurses and pharmacists participated in the study. As you go through the data you’ll see that there are some fascinating differences in the ways doctors and nurses perceive the credibility of online sources of information. According to this study, doctors have a lot more confidence in social media than nurses do. It appears that nurses, overall, are more skeptical of online sources of information (websites, social media and search engines). Take a look at the infographic and let me know what you think of these findings.

Below is the infographic without the SlideShare window:

Enspektos delivers strategy, research and training services to health organizations operating around the world. It is one of the driving forces behind the Path of the Blue Eye Project.

3 comments on “Digital Media and Healthcare Providers: Infographic

  1. I find the part about the shift with health content on Twitter very interesting. Great stuff! Your blog is always exciting to read!

    • dandunlop

      Brooke, thanks for you feedback. It is much appreciated. And thanks for reading my blog!

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