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Regina’s Art: I Don’t Have The Words…

Regina Holliday is one of the people in healthcare whose work truly engages me. I’ve never met her in person, but I have followed her online for some time. There aren’t words to describe Regina’s work as a patient rights advocate/artists. She is probably best known right now for The Walking Gallery – a walking wall of over 148 individuals who wear personal patient narrative paintings on their backs while attending industry conferences and events. When I attended the Mayo Ragan Healthcare Social Media Summit last year, several attendees including David Harlow and ePatient Dave were wearing Regina’s artwork on their backs. The work is amazing and profound. The cause is profoundly important. If you’re not familiar with Regina, I recommend you read more about her by visiting her blog at Just last week there was a great story in The Washington Post about Regina’s work and the stories she tells through her artwork. Click here to check out that article.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share a presentation that Regina recently posted on SlideShare. These are slides from her presentation on Hospice before the Washington Home Community Hospice on June 13, 2012. You’ll learn much of her story by reviewing the slides. The artwork speaks for itself.

4 comments on “Regina’s Art: I Don’t Have The Words…

  1. Dan,

    Thanks for sharing Regina Holliday’s work. The second person from left is wearing my #TheWalkingGallery Jacket. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who has more passion, more energy and more ways to express herself. Not only is her art stunning but the way she paints the words she choses to use in her blog is just as remarkable.

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