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The EMR Effect: New Infographic

Once again the folks from PowerDMS Suite have contacted me about the healthcare infographics they’re producing. PowerDMS Suite is a a policy and procedure management software company. Below is their most recent infographic on the topic of the transformative power of electronic medical records (EMRs).

When I think about EMRs, I think back to my last visit to a physician’s office. I was dealing with a stomach bug and went to the nearest urgent care. The PA who met with me first, prior to me seeing the physician, took down all of my relevant information in the exam room. She had her back to me the whole time, and just kept typing data into the computer. It was very impersonal. I appreciate the efficiency of the process, but know that they need to put some effort into redesigning the patient experience and how data actually gets entered into the EMR. Enjoy the infographic.
EMR in Healthcare

Via: PowerDMS

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