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Wexner Medical Center Launches 1st Statewide Ad Campaign

I’ve written a lot lately about the growing importance of video in healthcare marketing. Well here’s another great example.

According to a recent article published by the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center has launched its first statewide advertising campaign. The campaign is largely in response to intense competition for patients. As Wexner Medical Center’s spokeswoman, Beth NeCamp, says in the article, “Patients with complicated health issues often leave their communities to seek care elsewhere.” With Ohio State competing with institutions in Cleveland, Cincinnati, as well as in neighboring states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, NeCamp says, “We want to make sure they’re considering Ohio State when they’re making those types of decisions.”

To stand out from competition and attract more patients, Wexner has spent $5.65 million on advertising promotions this fiscal year alone. Their advertising campaign seeks to raise awareness of the sophisticated medical services they offer such as deep-brain stimulation, cardiovascular care, organ transplants, and clinical trials for cancer treatments. To accomplish this, they have chosen to focus their ad campaign on patient stories which, to the viewers, showcase Wexner’s diversity in medical services and expertise, all told in the patient’s voice. The patients explain how they became aware of their condition and share details of their experience at Wexner. This is powerful, well crafted storytelling. For more information on the campaign, click here. Below are a few of the TV commercials from the Wexner Medical Center campaign:

I’m not often a fan of testimonials. It is too easy to produce bad testimonials. They often feel trite and manipulated. However, the Wexner stories are incredibly well done and have an authentic quality. If you would like to view more patient stories, click here.

(Post written by Dan Dunlop with Charles Ramsey, Jennings Healthcare Marketing Intern and Wake Forest University student)

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