Healthy hospital movement

Healthy Eating, Sustainability & Farmers’ Markets

In the past I’ve written about hospitals hosting farmers’ markets – One of my passions is what I call the healthy hospital movement – where hospitals take steps to create healthy environments for employees, visitors and patients. This can include facilities design, smoking cessation programs, and the introduction of healthy eating programs. By bringing farmers’ markets to hospitals, these organizations are giving their employees easy access to healthy, locally grown foods, while making a statement about the importance of good nutrition. Check out my article, “The Surprise Ingredient: Health Food Programs in Hospitals.”

The last two weekends I’ve headed out with my family on Saturday morning to attend the local farmers’ market. What a great way to shop for the week! I love seeing this movement gain momentum and popularity. A new farmers market opened this season near my home in South Durham (North Carolina). Last weekend we made our second trip to the South Durham Farmers’ Market (, just two miles from our home. We bought a bunch of good stuff: Broccoli, zucchini, locally raise beef (my wife and daughter are meet eaters), chicken, soap, and cucumbers. Everything was organic and produced within the region. Based on what I’ve seen so far, it looks as though this farmers’ market is going to be a success. It is still a fledgling venture, but I expect it to grow over time.

My family and I spend a lot of our weekends in the mountains of Virginia, near a little town called Nellysford (Nelson County). It is about 30 minutes from Charlottesville and the University of Virginia. We make a point of frequenting the farmers’ market in Nellysford. It is well established and has the feel of a festival, with live music and lots of people milling around. I took several photos when we attended the Nellysford Farmers’ Market a couple of weeks ago. I hope the photos give you a feel for the environment and the range of products. And if you haven’t visited your local farmers market, I recommend it; even if that farmers market happens to be in your hospital!

For more information about hospital farmers markets I’ve included a few links below: (Children’s Hospital Farmers Market) (Duke University Medical Center)

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  1. This is our Clinic’s first year hosting the local Farmers’ Market at the state fairgrounds, and we are very excited about the partnership. We post updates to

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