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Great Storytelling: Saint Agnes Hospital Uses Video to Tell Patient Stories

“Every hospital has excellent doctors and modern technology, but what some hospitals do better than others is work as a team. This site tells the stories of what that means to our patients.” (Source: 360: Your Health From Every Angle website.)

Saint Agnes Hospital serves the metropolitan Baltimore area. As a Catholic health care ministry and member of Ascension Health, they are dedicated to the art of healing to sustain and improve the lives of the individuals and communities they serve. What I find to be remarkable about Saint Agnes is the remarkable story telling it is doing via its new website: The hospital is doing so much right with this website: 1) they are focusing on the patient, resisting the temptation to focus inwardly; 2) they are letting the patient do the storytelling, which makes the communication far more authentic; 3) they are using video – a great medium for engaging consumers; 4) they’ve integrated a blog into the site (much more formal than I would like, but it is a start); 5) they allow for the electronic download of a PDF of their “Live Well” newsletter from the site; 6) they re-purpose videos on YouTube (need to add videos to Facebook) and as TV commercials; and 7) they offer content that is helpful to the reader, including healthy recipes and fitness tips. The site even has a “polling” feature that allows for further engagement of readers and visitors by asking health-related polling questions.

This is good marketing. Congrats to the people at Saint Agnes. What would really take this site to the next level would be to add community functionality that would allow people to join the community and take part in various conversations. (They currently have the ability to leave comments related to blog posts/articles.) I invite you to visit Saint Agnes’ 360 website at Meanwhile, below are a couple of the patient videos from the site.

And here are a couple of the TV commercials from the campaign:

2 comments on “Great Storytelling: Saint Agnes Hospital Uses Video to Tell Patient Stories

  1. Great article and comments–thank you! We also really appreciate your feedback on continued improvements.

    • dandunlop

      My pleasure. You are doing a great job. Congratulation to your team!

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