Use of Video

The Voices and Faces of a System of Care

One of the things I am certain of is that video will play a much larger role in how we market hospitals, health systems, physicians and physician practices in the future. Through video we can introduce ourselves and our organizations in an engaging and authentic manner that is often lacking in traditional marketing and advertising. Right now I am on the video bandwagon, trying to get more organizations to embrace video to help them accomplish any number of strategic objectives.

Here is a batch of videos that were designed to introduce a new health system brand: Vidant Health. Vidant is one of my firm’s clients, and we produced these videos. These are real people, working in hospitals in eastern North Carolina, talking about what they do and how they serve the people of the region. The people featured in these videos aren’t meant to come across as slick performers, but rather as dedicated healthcare professionals who live in the communities they serve. These are neighbors. Take a look:

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