This Healthcare Marketer’s Reading List: June Edition

Once again I’ve got a pile of books that needs to be read. These are books I have in my possession and want to read. Now I just have to make the time! This week I read Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish. My business partner, Paige Zinn, recommended the book and we are using it to help us drive business strategy.

I have two stacks of unread books, one pile next to my desk at work and one on my bedside table at home. Here are some of the titles that I’ll be tackling this June:

  • Real-Time Marketing & PR, by David Meerman Scott – I met David at the Healthcare Marketing Strategies  Summit last month and he gave me a signed copy of his book.
  • Great by Choice, by Jim Collins – Jim is the author of Good to Great and and Built to Last.
  • The Thank You Economy, by Gary Vaynerchuk
  • EntreLeadership, by Dave Ramsey – My friend Bob Chandler gave me a copy of this book after seeing Dave Ramsey speak. It will be interesting to see how I respond to Dave Ramsey. My assumption is that we come at the world from different perspectives.
  • The Acid Reflux Solution, by Jorge Rodriguez, MD & Susan Wyler, MPH, RD – Susan Wyler is a friend and client of Jennings. Her book is about natural ways to address heartburn. Talk about a topic with mass appeal!

I’d love to hear what you’re reading? From your perspective, what are the new, must read books for healthcare marketers?

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