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Is There Real Value in Tweeting from Conferences?

I just finished several months of traveling to healthcare marketing conferences, speaking at conferences, and religiously tweeting from sessions. This week while I was attending the Spring Symposium of the New England Society for Healthcare Communication (NESHCo), I started to reflect on the value of tweeting during presentations. I actually tweeted the question looking for feedback from my peers on Twitter.

My friend Vicki makes a great point in her tweet above: The tweeting from conferences definitely has value in promoting the event. I often learn about conferences from tweets and then make a mental note that I need to be there next year. So that certainly is a value. Here’s an example of that situation happening just last week when I was tweeting from the NESHCo conference in Boston:

But is there educational value in the tweets? What about the value to the conference attendees who view the tweets? In my experience, it depends on the conference. When I attended Mayo Ragan’s Healthcare Social Media Conference last year, it was so much fun to follow the twitter stream because there were so many thought leaders and early adopters in the crowd. It felt like everyone at the conference was tweeting from a mobile device. And the insights from the tweeters was of real value. They often brought as much to the table as the presenters, sometimes more. So that’s an example where I believe many audiences, including people following from home, benefit from the tweeting.

I also like it when people generate tweets that don’t just regurgitate the content of a presentation, but respond to and question the information being presented. For me, that’s when the tweeting is at its best.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the value of tweeting from conferences. Please feel free to leave comments.

6 comments on “Is There Real Value in Tweeting from Conferences?

  1. I don’t attend conferences usually but I follow them with the conference hashtag on Twitter. It’s the best place to get a feel for what the hot topics are at that conference. Easy to identify trends.

    • dandunlop

      Thanks for your feedback Nicole! I’m glad to know that you find the tweets to be of value. That seems to be the prevailing sentiment.

  2. Hi Dan, I have followed your tweets at conferences and often attend some similar conferences that you attend and have found great sessions from “Twitter Buzz”. The content I appreciate the most are the quotable moments of a presentation and session insights that are built upon with other ideas. Perhaps the strongest use of twitter is the validation of session insights by users who have also implemented a similar idea or experience. These tweets can create a community of knowledge sharing and help to connect users together and build trends. Thanks for sharing this year – hope to meet you someday at an upcoming conference!

    • dandunlop

      Kari, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I love your notion of creating a community of knowledge sharing. I look forward to meeting you IRL!

  3. I find that the tweeting from conferences has helped, especially for us who can’t attend.

    I’ve found difficulty when a bunch of people are tweeting but there’s not a sort of “official hash tag” because at the point I’m trying to figure out different hash tags people are using and piece the information together, its a lot to follow along.

    Some of the best conversations and conferences I’ve followed is when they have an official tag and make it aware to everyone.

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