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Marketers Making Physicians Uncomfortable

Do I seem like the kind of guy who enjoys making doctors feel uncomfortable? Actually, I spent a couple of days last week working hard to make sure physicians were comfortable with being photographed and videotaped. It is amazing what a fuss these highly educated, self-confident individuals can make over sitting in front of a few cameras for an hour. Yes, we took an hour of their time. We were at Signature Healthcare, just south of Boston, capturing images and video for a new campaign. The marketing team at Signature did an incredible job lining up the physicians for the shoot. It took a ton of work and cajoling. Over two days, our crew of seven shot still photography and digital video of 18 doctors. It felt like a major accomplishment.

My job was to interview the docs on camera and to engage them in conversation, making them feel comfortable, during the still photography. It was exhausting work.  Whenever I have the opportunity to interview medical professionals, I come away from the experience energized by what I do for a living. These are really interesting, multi-dimensional people who care deeply about delivering high quality care. It is the multi-dimensional aspect that we generally miss in our day-to-day interactions with physicians. Typically, as healthcare marketers, we have very short, direct interactions with physicians that are related to a specific agenda (either theirs or ours). It often isn’t the most satisfying interaction because of the brevity and directness.  Having an hour with each of these docs was so rewarding and informative. We got to see these individuals as people – and in the photoshoot context they were far more vulnerable and unsure of themselves than is typical. It led to some amazing interaction.

I’ll add that shooting videos of physicians is exactly the right thing to be doing today. Both consumers and referring physicians benefit greatly by having the opportunity to meet your docs via video. It is far superior to what you see in most “physician finders.” Looking at a crappy head shot and reading a poorly crafted CV is no way to select your physician. Meeting them by video, along with reviewing their credentials, is far superior.

When the Signature work goes live I’ll be sure to share it on the blog. Meanwhile, here are some shots I took with my iPhone during the photoshoot:

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