There are so many terrific communicators and marketers who take part in NESHCo events. I thought I would single out a few who I recommend connecting with, should you have the opportunity. These are marketers that I know  and hold in high regard. The list includes clients, vendors, friends, competitors and colleagues. I’m an equal opportunity blogger and list maker!

  • Kevin Robinson, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (Kevin is a Jennings client)
  • Jim Rattray, Southcoast Hospitals (Jim is a friend and a terrific marketer. He’ll be presenting at the conference.)
  • Roxanne Jones, Freelance Writer (we work with Roxanne and love her)
  • John Looney, Winchester Hospital (John and I both serve on the NESHCo membership committee)
  • Doug Bennett, The Bennett Group (Doug is a friend. I hold him in high regard.)
  • Melissa Speir, Franklin Street Marketing (Melissa is a friend. She’s extremely active in healthcare marketing. You should also meet her colleague, Stephen Moegling.)
  • Kelly Woodsum, NESHCo Executive Director (I can’t say enough about Kelly. She is amazing. She is also one of my favorite mom bloggers!
  • Dewey Mooring, Jennings (VP of Client Services. Dewey and I have worked together for decades.)
  • Brooke Tyson Hynes, Tufts Medical Center (Brooke is a longtime client of my firm and is my co-presenter today! Or maybe I should say that I am her co-presenter.)
  • Stephanie Guidetti, MetroWest Medical Center (Stephanie is a client. She’s also a writer and motivational speaker who recently published a book titled: Where’s the Box? I don’t know when Stephanie will arrive, but I’m sure she’ll be in attendance at the Lamplighter Awards Dinner.)

Of course, if you see me wandering around the conference halls, please come up and say hello. I’m Dan Dunlop. Jennings (my firm) is an exhibitor at the conference, so please come by our booth. I’m the guy with the facial hair; Dewey is the one with the fresh buzz cut! We’d enjoy meeting you.

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