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A Blossoming Career Should Be a Part of Something Larger

I’m talking about balance – something I’ve never been very good at; but I am trying. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I am more focused on work-life balance than ever before. That doesn’t mean that I don’t work like a crazy man. I do. But I also take time to look around me and remember why I work so hard.

One of the things I do to bring balance into my life, and something I can share with my family, is gardening. For some reason, I love my flowers. When I get home from work in the evening, assuming it is still light outside, I take time to walk around my yard and admire whatever plants are blooming at that time. I even take delight in the plants that aren’t blooming, like my beloved cactus.

I know it probably sounds crazy, but another thing that keeps me grounded and connected to the bigger picture is doing the laundry every week in our household. Yes, typically I am the one who does the laundry. It’s important and it is something I do for my family. I’ll never match the contribution that my wife makes. So I am definitely no household hero. I travel too much, I work too much and I don’t enjoy housework. But I recognize the importance of contributing whatever I can.

Another thing I love doing is cooking breakfast for the family on the weekends. Nothing fancy. Cinnamon rolls (my daughter loves them) and scrambled eggs with cheese. I do a special blend of Cheddar and Parmesan cheese. My wife likes them with lots of pepper while my daughter wants them extra cheesy with no pepper and lots of salt. Cooking breakfast on Saturday morning is one of my favorite parts of the week.

For me, it is important to delight in the little things. Perhaps in the scheme of things, they aren’t so little. Maybe work is the little thing and Saturday morning with the family is one of the big things.

Here are a few photos of the flowers blooming in my yard this week:

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