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Blogging from the Virginia Society for Healthcare Marketing & PR

For the next couple of days I will be blogging and tweeting from the Spring Conference of the Virginia Society of Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations (VSHMPR), taking place in Virginia Beach, VA. This is a conference that I normally attend, particularly given that Virginia is not far from North Carolina, where my firm is based. The gathering is smaller than some of the other regional healthcare marketing conferences I attend, but in some ways I find the relatively small size of the group to be appealing. It has a different feel than those larger conferences, and I like that. In another two weeks I’ll be speaking at the National Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit in Orlando and I can get back in large conference mode.

This year I have been invited to speak at VSHMPR’s spring conference. I’ll be discussing the use of blogs and social media to engage female consumers. Tomorrow I’ll place the presentation on SlideShare and feed it into a new blog post for easy viewing. One of the things I’ve done with this presentation is integrate video of female bloggers talking about why they blog and how they build community through their online activities. Before I started working with these bloggers, I had no real appreciation for what a phenomenon this is. However, after years of managing women’s blogs sponsored by hospitals, I’m a believer in the power of the platform, particularly when integrated with real life initiatives and other social media.

Other speakers at the conference will include Alan Kent, President and CEO of Meadows Regional Medical Center (Georgia), Kenya Gibson, Director of Client Services for Franklin Street Marketing (Virginia-based healthcare marketing firm), and Eric Rowles, nationally recognized trainer, speaker and consultant.

2 comments on “Blogging from the Virginia Society for Healthcare Marketing & PR

  1. So sorry to be missing the meeting. Tell my fellow Virginians that I said ‘hello’ – Corrigan Partner’s Amanda Baker will be attending. Good luck with your session (like you need it – it’ll be great as usual!).


    • dandunlop

      Thanks Karen. Sorry you won’t be there. I’ll say hello to Amanda!

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