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Digital Airport Ads Promoting Hospitals

While traveling from Raleigh-Durham to Boston on Easter Sunday, I came across these digital airport ads in one of the terminals at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. They all promote hospitals in the region: WakeMed, Duke and the East Carolina Heart Institute. I also saw ads for the Duke Cancer Institute and the North Carolina Cancer Hospital – although I wasn’t quick enough to capture those on video. Evidently, digital airport advertising is very popular with hospitals. That’s because it reaches a more affluent, insured individual – and influentials. This is the same reason I always see so many healthcare ads in airline magazines. Enjoy the video clip below showing the digital ads.

2 comments on “Digital Airport Ads Promoting Hospitals

  1. Makes sense, really. If I’m arriving in a new city, it’d be helpful to become aware of the nearest healthcare facilities and their names. Just in case.
    Of course I’m a bit of a worry wart.


    Jason Boies

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