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More Hospital Print Ads From My Bulletin Board

As I travel around the country, I tend to collect hospital and health system print ads. (I also collect ideas; many of which I share in my blog.) Below is a collection of healthcare ads I found in Hemispheres Magazine (United Airlines) as I traveled to the AAMC GIA conference last week. You’ll notice that many of the ads are from Texas-based healthcare institutions including MD Anderson, Texas Heart Institute and UT Health (Mischer Neuroscience Institute of Memorial Hermann). I like to bring these ads home to my staff so they can get a better feel for what other organizations are doing around the country – at least from a print perspective. Take a look at these ads and let me know your reaction. One caveat: I scanned these ads so the quality is diminished.

4 comments on “More Hospital Print Ads From My Bulletin Board

  1. There’s a big difference between ads from US health care companies and UK ones. US ads all tend to be about the person, and have a strong personal feel – whereas UK ones are very distant. I think the American ones are more powerful with their messages.

    • dandunlop

      Charlton, I would love to see some of the UK ads if you can get your hands on some and scan them. It would be great to share them in the blog and show the differences in approaches. Thank so much for your comment! My email address is

  2. The US health care companies have greater competition than the UK industry. Therefore better advertisements. IMO.

  3. All these advertisements are happy and uplifting, very interesting.

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