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Sometimes Being A Healthcare Marketer Has Its Perks


I can remember a time, early in my career, when I realized that I hadn’t really noticed the passing of the seasons for a couple of years. I was eager, working hard, trying to advance to a leadership position, and had essentially stopped living. Life was all about work and professional advancement. At some point I had a moment of self-awareness and committed to making a change. That was 1995 when I left my previous employer and joined Jennings. Yes, I changed jobs, but I also changed the way I approach work and life. Since that time I have made a more concerted effort to “smell the roses” as I continue to build my career.

Although my business life continues to be frenetic, I do my best to take in the sites around me. Business travel can be tedious, but it also avails me of opportunities to see amazing sites, meet interesting people, and experience local culture in cities across the country. It really is an amazing opportunity. A gift.

This week I was fortunate to be a speaker at the AAMC GIA conference in Palm Springs, California. I flew from Raleigh-Durham, to DC, to Denver, to Palm Springs. Twelve hours of travel. But there were amazing sites along the way. On one of the flights I had amazing views of the the Rocky Mountains, Monument National Park, the Grand Canyon and the Mojave Desert. The views of the mountains were breathtaking as we flew into Palm Springs. Then today, after finishing up my conference-related activities, I took a long walk through the neighborhoods adjacent to the resort. It was 89 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Keep in mind that this was a day that started for me at 3am – catching up on work. Then I did my presentation at 8:30am. I admit that I am beat and ready to head home. But none of this is drudgery. This is living! Here are a few photos from my travels.

4 comments on “Sometimes Being A Healthcare Marketer Has Its Perks

  1. Great shots Dan (and a great message). Thx for posting.

  2. Beautiful pics Dan!

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