Is The Instant Gratification of the Internet Making Americans Impatient?

Is the instant gratification of the Internet affecting society in a negative manner? Is it making people more impatient? That’s the subject of a new infographic from After seeing my recent posts on the use of infographics in healthcare, the group that created this infographic contacted me, asking if I would be interested in sharing it on my blog. After reviewing their work, I would argue that we are not becoming impatient, rather, we seek out conveniences and efficiencies. One could also argue that there is a new normal when it comes to accessing information. Look at the graphic below and let me know how you interpret the data.
Instant America
Created by: Online Graduate Programs

6 comments on “Is The Instant Gratification of the Internet Making Americans Impatient?

  1. We get so much information thrown at us now, particularly those of us that work in the online/social media realm, that we’ve simply adapted. It’s not that we’ve necessarily allbecome impatient, though there MAY be a bit of truth to that theory.
    I think, more than anything, we’ve simply had to better prioritize now that our attention is pulled in so many different directions. It’s online Darwinism, the quickest loading, most eye catching sites will survive.

    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community

    • dandunlop

      I agree with you perspective on this Jason. It is an evolution in the way we react to information and information platforms.


  2. Ugh
    “all become” should be two words. I hate typos!


    • dandunlop

      Hey Jason, where is this typo? I didn’t see it. Is it in the Infographic itself? Thanks, Dan

      • dandunlop

        Oops. Just saw the typo – in your comment. Got it!

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