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For Curiosity Seekers: More Hospital Print Ads

I regularly display hospital print ads on my blog. For me, it’s helpful to see how other healthcare organizations are promoting themselves. This time I’m featuring print ads from hospitals in North Carolina. I found the ads in a recent edition of Business North Carolina magazine. It was a special healthcare issue. These ads have been scanned so the quality is somewhat diminished. After you review them, let me know what you think. Any favorites? Any missteps? Enjoy!

1 comment on “For Curiosity Seekers: More Hospital Print Ads

  1. I find it interesting that most healthcare ads promote themselves in their ads instead of really trying to connect to the consumer and build a relationship with people. Lets face it, most people don’t know what a center for excellence is. If they are all marketing themselves in a similar way, i.e. “we are leading the way”, “#1 in the state,” “we are committed” etc., than how are they differentiating themselves from each other? I bet we could find similar ads all over the U.S.. Anyway, very interesting post! Thanks for sharing!

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