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Hope Lives Here: Music Video Produced by Hospital Employees

Last March I wrote a blog post about Lexington Medical Center’s employee-produced video promoting their Employee Giving Campaign. The video was produced in-house by the marketing staff at the hospital, with one of the employees composing the theme song, writing the lyrics and editing the video! I love the spirit that the marketing team at Lexington Medical Center (LMC) brings to everything it does. My firm does strategic consulting and PR for LMC, so I know them well.

The Next  Chapter: This week Lexington Medical Center (West Columbia, SC) launched its 2012 annual employee giving campaign called “Hope Lives Here” with a special video showcasing how the hospital employees help each other in times of need.

The video features Kenyottia Gray, a patient access specialist in the hospital’s Emergency Room, signing a song written by Stephen Wessinger of the Marketing department. The video also features LMC employees who received help in the last year.

Each year, Lexington Medical Center employees donate more than $500,000 to the hospital’s Universal Employee Fund (known around here as UEF). In the last year, the money has helped employees in catastrophic situations including house fires, natural disasters, domestic violence, life-threatening medical situations and unaffordable funeral expenses.

In addition, funds are also designated for departments that request items or services to serve patients in need. Recently, that’s included an exercise program at Health Directions designed specifically for cancer patients, painted murals in pediatric patient areas and educational resources for Cardiac Rehabilitation patients.



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