Infographics in Healthcare

The subject of infographics came up yesterday during a consulting engagement with a group of fundraisers (development officers). We were discussing marketing trends and they were unfamiliar with the concept of the “infographic.” So, I started pulling up various infographics on my iPhone to share with them and demonstrate the concept. This was one of the images we found when we Googled “social media infographics.” A number of hospital and healthcare related infographics follow below. Enjoy! (By clicking on the image you will get a larger version.)
The History of Social Networking

For those of you unfamiliar with infographics, they are graphic visual representations of data, information or knowledge, designed to present complex information quickly and clearly. If done correctly, they present information in a manner that is interesting, compelling and easy to digest. Here are some hospital and healthcare related infographics:
The Hazards of Hospitals
Created by: Medical Billing and Coding

For the entire Wexner Medical Center infographic, go to
Hospital Billing Survey [Infographic]

Rasmussen College
The Need-to-Know About Breast Cancer
Source: Mount Sinai Medical Center
Can I Get Cancer From Oral Sex?
Source: Mount Sinai Medical Center

For my second post in this series on Infographics in Healthcare, go to

3 comments on “Infographics in Healthcare

  1. I have been looking for healthcare infographics as examples to share with healthcare providers. These are great. I’m interested to see how infographics will be used in marketing – if they will remain online or also make their way into print materials.

    • dandunlop

      Thanks for your comment Paige. If you Google “health infographics” you’ll find a ton!

  2. Hello Dan,

    It’s a really nice introduction to infographics and it’s pretty sure that the healthcare sector would have used it more. To communicate but also educate or engage people.
    Some people like have understood it well!


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