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Medical Tourism Print Ads

On a recent business trip, I picked up a copy of Delta’s Sky Magazine. The issue contained a special section on medical tourism. When I returned to my office I scanned several of the ads so I could share them on my blog. Please note that because these are scanned ads, the quality has been diminished. That said, take a look at the ads and let me know what you think. There’s quite a variety.

3 comments on “Medical Tourism Print Ads

  1. Dr M.Chandrashekhar MD

    I saw all these Medical Tourism ads. How true are they ? They may appear glossy & chic like all commercial ads look — I would advice potential patients to do proper due diligence before venturing out to distant places for treatment.

    There are enough case-histories where these gullible patients have been taken for a ride.

    Dr M.Chandrashekhar MD

  2. Thailand has very good hospitals (many of them JCI and/or ISO 9001 accredited). The quality of the service is excellent. And the clincher is the price — about 30% of what you’d expect to pay in a U.S. hospital.

    There is huge potential for hospitals and insurance companies in developed countries to work together with hospitals in places such as Thailand to outsource large amounts of medical treatment. The phrase “medical tourism” is a bit lightweight and doesn’t fully reflect the high quality treatments that can be had overseas. However, as Dr Chandrashekhar says, all parties must always carry out due diligence first. Which brings me back to my JCI accreditation point.

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