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The Blossoming of a Healthcare Brand

Over the last few months I’ve written several posts about the launch of the new Vidant Health brand in eastern North Carolina (“Launch Day for a New Health System Brand” & “The Birth of a Health System Brand“). Yesterday I had a full day of meetings at Vidant Health’s headquarters in Greenville, NC. When I visit Greenville, I always try to arrive a few minutes early so I can swing by the local Starbucks and pick up a latte (non-fat) before heading into my first meeting. Yesterday, as my team and I headed to the counter of Starbucks, we were greeted with the vision of two women wearing Vidant Health launch t-shirts! See photo below.

Why am I excited about two women wearing Vidant Health t-shirts? Because it’s the beginning – a sign of the dissemination of the brand across the region. This is how it starts – with t-shirts, signs on buses, parking decals (see below), coffee mugs and dozens of other applications. At some point in time, the brand takes on a life of its own and is very much in the hands of the brand constituents. Your job then is to reaffirm the choice of the individual to support your brand (remind them why they love you) and make sure that your organization stays true to its promise at every brand touchpoint (in-person, online, over the phone, etc.). For now, it is exciting to see the Vidant Health brand take root in eastern North Carolina as it shares its vision for healthier communities across the region.

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