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The Two Physicians Who Rocked the Physician Strategies Summit

I just returned from attending the Physician Strategies Summit in Orlando, Florida, where I sat in on a number of informative presentations. However, two presenters absolutely stole the show: Wendy Sue Swanson, MD (@SeattleMamaDoc) and Russell Faust, MD (@RussellFaust). I have long been an advocate of bringing the voice of the patient and the physician to these conferences. Physician liaisons, recruiters, and healthcare marketers can all benefit from exposure to ePatients and physician thought leaders.

Both Dr. Swanson and Dr. Faust are early adopters of social media, and both have embraced blogging as a channel through which they can engage and educate patients. Dr. Faust’s blog can be found at He is a pediatric ENT surgeon, who has an integrative, holistic approach to care. Dr. Swanson is probably better known as Seattle Mama Doc, a mom and pediatrician who maintains a busy medical practice while writing the Seattle Mama Doc blog for Seattle Children’s Hospital. In her spare time she flies around the country giving passionate keynote addresses.

I recorded some of Dr. Swanson’s talk on my Flip Video Camera. Roughly 30-minutes of her presentation appear below. One of the lessons we all can learn from Dr. Swanson, and she spoke about this at the Summit, is the way she uses Twitter. She was careful to point out that not only does she share content on Twitter, but she also spends a significant amount of time just listening. She uses Twitter to find out what research is being talked about, what drug recalls are making news, and what kind of information her patients may be taking in (and reacting to). Through Twitter, Dr. Swanson tracks the health conversations of the day and gets a feeling for what may be causing concern for parents. In my opinion, this makes her a better doctor, able to anticipate patient questions and concerns. She is also better able to counter misinformation that they’ve picked up online – and there’s a lot of that out there. Enjoy Dr. Swanson’s presentation:

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