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Healthcare Awards Madness!

Awards Shelf in Jennings' Lobby

It is that time of year when my team is entering our work for healthcare clients in a variety of award competitions. If you’ve never done this on a large scale, let me tell you that entering these competitions can be a monumental undertaking. It becomes particularly daunting when you are submitting entries representing a number of different hospitals and health systems. Some of the competitions (Lamplighter Awards for example) have gone to entirely electronic submission processes. That is wonderful, yet still time consuming, but not nearly as labor intensive as some of the competitions using old school methods. By old school I mean that every entry has to be printed out, trimmed, and then spray mounted to art board (which also has to  be cut to size). TV commercials and videos have to be burned to DVDs and radio spots burned to CDs. Additionally, two copies of the entry form have to be attached to each submission. Then the entire group of submissions are boxed up and sent via FedEx (or your carrier of choice) to the sponsoring agency. (To think that we pay for the opportunity to do all of this!) The whole process involves a ton of materials, time and agonizing coordination. So why do we do it?

  • Winning awards is affirming. We work hard all year and it is nice to have our work put to the test.
  • Our staff enjoys the recognition. The people who create the advertising (art directors, production artists, copywriters) rarely get recognition or props for their work. In fact, they spend most of their time making edits and tweaks to accommodate requests from clients and account people. It is rare that the work goes unscathed. The final product is often the result of a series of compromises that water down the original concept.
  • Our hospital clients like the recognition. And they deserve the recognition. Just like my team, they are constantly responding to feedback from numerous internal clients who want to put their thumb print on the campaign. It is a huge victory when we all come together and produce something award worthy!

Below are a few photos of the awards submission process at Jennings. Two members of my team worked late into the night, pulling the bulk of the entries together for this particular competition. We’ll be doing it all over again next week for another national healthcare marketing competition.

3 comments on “Healthcare Awards Madness!

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  2. Christine Scaplen

    Thanks for spreading the word regarding the effort and pride put into these submissions. Having completed 6 entries recently, I can now personally attest to the amount of energy that goes into the process.

    While we all hope the panels will judge us as winners, just putting things together and developing a challenge statement/case is a way to share with others the value and strategy behind efforts as a marketing communications/creative team.

    Best of luck to all entrants!

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