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Pinterest for Healthcare Marketers

Have you ever asked yourself if there will come a point in time when you can’t keep up with the newest and greatest in the world of social media? It has certainly occurred to me. It is enough to make my head spin.

This week my friend Dan Hinmon from Hive Strategies drew my attention to a new post on his blog by Jean Kelso Sandlin titled “Interest in Pinterest? How Hospitals Can Use the Newest Social Media Tool.” It is an excellent post that begins to unravel the mystery of Pinterest for healthcare communicators. I encourage you to check it out. Here’s how Kelso describes the new visual social network:

“Briefly, Pinterest is a curation tool that enables users to create “boards” where they “pin” items of interest and share them. Boards can be about specific areas of interest, for example “Books I Love.” And the user can “pin” any URL of the book they want to share. Once these books are pinned and added to the “Board,” the board becomes a visual representation of the books the user loves with links. Others can see them and “like” them or “pin” them – meaning they appear on their boards, too.”

Lately I’ve been distracted by Google+, but this weekend I took time away from my Google+ orientation, finally acting upon an invitation to join Pinterest, and actually spent some time exploring the platform. Below is a look at the three pin boards I built (works in progress as I suspect all boards should be). The three boards I created are: 1) Healthcare Marketing; 2) Books Worth Reading; and 3) Blogs I Recommend. Each has a healthcare marketing bent.

5 comments on “Pinterest for Healthcare Marketers

  1. It’s getting a bit tougher to keep up with all these new social networks, isn’t it?

    Pinterest is certainly neat, it’s hit upon our love of nifty visuals. I finally started on there this past weekend, haven’t pinned much but I’m looking forward to playing a bit more. I noticed, however, they don’t have a section for “Health” under categories yet. That needs to be remedied and pronto. 😉

    Jason Boies

  2. maybe pinterest realised our visual society who have no time for reading, i think so

  3. Hello Dan: Thanks for the mention in this blogpost! Jean did do an excellent job describing the opportunities of Pinterest, and I’ve read a whole bunch of posts about it since. Forget about Lin-sanity. The healthcare social media world is ablaze with Pin-sanity. Simple. Fun. Visual. And fascinating.

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