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The Birth of a Health System Brand

Today is the birthday of a new health system brand: Vidant Health. If you think about the scope of this health system in eastern North Carolina prior to the launch of its new brand, it had 10 hospitals over a footprint the size of the state of Maryland, a number of primary care physicians offices around the region, a collection of hospitalists, two join ventures with area hospitals, two wellness centers, home health and hospice services and an ambulatory surgery center. All of these had different names, and few consumers in the region really knew they were all part of one entity. Frankly, there was very little to let them know that all of these elements were connected. So the leadership of the health system has taken on the challenge of pulling together all the pieces that make up the organization under one umbrella brand identity that is unique and that accurately reflects who they are. With nearly 11,000 employees, this system is and will continue to be defined by its people. Therefore, we thought it only fitting that the people of Vidant Health introduce the brand. Later in the day I plan to post more information about the launch of this new brand that serves more than 1.4 million people across eastern North Carolina. There will be launch activities in 10 communities across the region. For now, here are a few videos that introduce the brand. Meet the Voices of Vidant Health:

2 comments on “The Birth of a Health System Brand

  1. I can see the effort put in there. Establishing a health system brand never comes easy.

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