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A Snowy Day In Healthcare Marketing

I managed to fly in to Albany, NY, last night, after delays in Raleigh-Durham and Washington National due to stormy winter weather in the Northeast. It actually seemed balmy when I arrived by way of rental car (4 wheel drive) in Bennington, Vermont. There was snow on the ground and in the air, but it wasn’t sticking to the roads. Today is packed with meetings at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center so I was relieved to arrive in Bennington.

Of course, now the challenge is getting home this evening. The snow is back, and coming down in full force. It is beautiful and I have no problem spending another night in Bennington, if that is what it takes, but I’d much rather get home and enjoy the weekend with my family. Below are a few photos I’ve taken with my iPhone when I’ve had breaks between meetings. Enjoy!

1 comment on “A Snowy Day In Healthcare Marketing

  1. I hope you got home, Dan. The snow accumulation here in Vermont proved to be minimal, but any weather like that sure messes up travel plans.

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