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Healthcare Awards Season Is Upon Us

This is the time of year when a number of deadlines for healthcare marketing awards loom large. Here’s a list of a few of the healthcare marketing awards competitions with impending deadlines:

  • Aster Awards (11th annual) – Early submission deadline, February 29, 2012. Late deadline, March 16, 2012. Go to for more information. This is one of the national healthcare advertising and marketing competitions we make a point of participating in each year. It is sponsored by Marketing Healthcare Today magazine.
  • Healthcare Advertising Awards (29th Annual) – Early submission deadline, February 17, 2012. Late deadline, March 7, 2012. Click on this link for more information. This is really the grandfather of all healthcare advertising awards competitions. It is sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report magazine.
  • Lamplighter Awards – For those of you with hospitals in New England, the Lamplighter Awards is the annual competition sponsored by the New England Society for Healthcare Communications.¬† The early deadline is January 27, 2012. The late deadline is February 10, 2012.

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