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To Grandmother’s House We Go: Holiday Travel & Electronic Devices

This holiday season, as my family traveled to Pensacola, Florida to spend a couple days with my parents, I had a revelation about the role electronic devices have come to play in our lives. There were three of us in Santa’s Sleigh (US Airways Jet) flying to Pensacola: My wife, daughter and myself. And what did our collection of electronic devices look like:

  • 3 Laptop Computers (1 MacBook Pro and 2 Dell Laptops)
  • 4 Cell Phones (3 smartphones, 1 not very smart phone)
  • 2 iPods
  • 1 iPad
  • 1 Kindle – There would have been two Kindles but my wife recently lost her Kindle in an airport while on a business trip.
  • 1 HD Flip Video Camera
  • 1 Canon Digital Camera
  • 1 Nintendo 3DS
  • 1 Wireless Mouse

And that’s the list before Santa makes his annual visit to our home!

As I’m writing this on my MacBook Pro, my daughter is playing Angry Birds on my iPad while my wife is checking email on her Dell Laptop and speaking with her office via her Blackberry. Did I mention that we’re on vacation? Talk about being connected.

Well, time to go see the grandparents and start another day! Oh, I forgot to mention that my parents (both in their 80s) have wireless Internet at their home. Very accommodating.

Happy Holidays.

1 comment on “To Grandmother’s House We Go: Holiday Travel & Electronic Devices

  1. All essential tools for a smooth holiday with the family, all of which help to keep the kids from throwing tantrums and help mum and dad relax.

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