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December Issue: Healthcare Marketing Report

(Warning: This post should be filed under the “shameless self promotion” category.)

In the December 2011 issue of Healthcare Marketing Report (HMR), I contributed an article titled “The Professional Development Imperative.” If you don’t already subscribe to HMR, I definitely recommend it. Richard Cohen, the publisher, does a terrific job with the publication.  The folks at HMR also produce the Healthcare Advertising Awards,  now in their 29th year.

Here’s a quote from my article that gives you a feel for the ground it covers:

“To meet these challenges, we need to significantly transform the role of healthcare marketing within our organizations, moving from vendors to strategists. In short, we need to earn a seat at the strategic planning table. To do that, we have to enhance the stature of the healthcare marketing function, and change the way we are viewed by leadership. It is essential that marketing be seen as a professional discipline that helps the organization achieve its business objectives in measurable ways.”

Then I go on to call for greater emphasis on continuing education, professional development and a commitment to learning. The body of the article outlines 10 steps the healthcare marketer can take to advance his or her professional stature.

If you get a moment, check out the article and please ignore the very large photo of yours truly.

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