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#CHPRMS Twitter Transcript from Day One Afternoon Sessions

I believe that everyone attending the CHPRMS conference fully enjoyed day one. The presentations that I attended were terrific and there was a ton of networking taking place. The highlight of the day was when it started to snow at around 6pm.

For me, it was wonderful to catch up with so many of my healthcare marketing colleagues from throughout the Carolinas: Michele Affronte, Jennifer Wilson, Margaret Gregory, Andre LaCroix, Amanda Brasier, Vicki Stevens and so many more. The group attending my luncheon roundtable was terrific and thoroughly engaged. We had a lively conversation about the role of blogs in healthcare.

Here is the Twitter transcript and accompanying data from the Wednesday afternoon sessions at the Fall CHPRMS conference. All together in day one of CHRPMS, we had 36 different people tweet and achieved more than 115,000 impressions. There we a total of approximately 115 tweets. Of course, some of the people tweeting (on the list below) were not attendees of the conference but rather were tuning in via Twitter from afar.

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