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What Do Incontinence And Toothpaste Have In Common?

The answer: Nothing! Okay, that’s wrong. The real answer is that they are both sold in pharmacies.

Although, I recently learned that my local pharmacy thinks that incontinence supplies and dental care products are more closely aligned! (See photo below) Yesterday during my lunch break I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some toothpaste. Probably more than you want to know, but I keep a stash of toothpaste in my desk drawer for that inevitable mid-day tooth brushing. And my supply was running low.

Well, as I scanned the signage in the store I learned that in Aisle 12 they have mouthwash, dental care products, toothpaste and INCONTINENCE SUPPLIES. How does that happen? Who made the decision to group incontinence supplies with dental care products? Does that make sense to you?

As you may know, many toothpaste products now promise to do a number of things including fight cavities, plaque, gingivitis, and tartar build-up, all while freshening breath and whitening teeth. The signage at my pharmacy made me wonder if they have added incontinence prevention to the list of product benefits. Imagine, one day you may be able to buy Crest Pro-Health with Clinical Gum Protection and 12-hour Incontinence Prevention. For what it is worth, it was an amusing moment in my day. Like most disconnects, this one was done mindlessly and unknowingly. I’m probably the first person to come along and point out the incongruity. But I am grateful for it!

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