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Have You Met The Rehabilitator from SonoSite?

A colleague of mine recently drew my attention to a new ad campaign promoting SonoSite’s point-of-care ultrasound system and their Advanced Needle Visualization technology. Below is a screen shot from the landing page of their website. When you view this page, you instantly get a feel for the tenor of the promotion. As you’ll see, this is not your typical ad campaign for medical technology!

There’s a corresponding TV commercial that is equally dramatic. Check out the TV spot and let me know what you think. I guess one could argue convincingly that these are amazing technologies and there’s no reason the advertising/marketing needs to be dry or boring. Would you make that argument? What makes it intriguing to me is that the spot is based on the true story of Dr. Kim Harmon, a sports medicine specialist and team physician. You can see her story at It is not often you see a physician featured in such a dramatic manner. They are often positioned as heroes, but rarely to this extent.

1 comment on “Have You Met The Rehabilitator from SonoSite?

  1. The model’s hair has GOT to go…looks like an image from the 80s! [But an interesting campaign, nonetheless.]

    Bob Allen

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