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Too Much Whining About Klout

For the last week I’ve witnessed a lot of people complaining about the changes Klout has made in the way it calculates its measure of social influence. There’s been a whole lot of whining on the Internet. My own Klout score dropped 25% overnight! So how do I feel about this new algorithm? I thought I’d bring you my thoughts in the form of a video. But first, here’s how Klout talks about the changes: (Source: The Official Klout Blog, October 26, 2011)

“Influence is the ability to drive action and is based on quality, not quantity. When someone engages with your content, we assess that action in the context of the person’s own activity. These principles form the basis of our PeopleRank algorithm which determines your Score based on:

  • how many people you influence,
  • how much you influence them and
  • how influential they are.

We analyze 2.7 billion pieces of content and connections daily. Reaching this scale, we’ve introduced significant upgrades to our platform, allowing us to handle this explosive growth. Now, we can add more networks and other sources of your influence much, much faster.”

Here’s a link to an article that highlights much of the complaining that has taken place relative to Klout:

“Klout’s scoring changes incite a riot of complaints,”, October 26, 2011 by Sherilynn Macale –

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