Halloween Tributes from My Team

It is fun to work in a business and industry that attracts creative people. This Halloween several members of my staff (primarily Cassie, Megan and Ashley) decided to pay tribute to a couple of their favorite healthcare advertising campaigns. So, each of them came to work dressed as a print ad from one of the campaigns – either our Name Badge Campaign for Southwestern Vermont Medical Center or our Numbers Campaign for Cooper University Hospital. I thought this was a very cool way to blend Halloween into what we do every day at Jennings. As someone who firmly believes in a multidisciplinary approach to marketing, it was remarkable to see a media planner, art director and PR/social media expert all come together in an integrated fashion! Enjoy the photos.

Cassie (Media Planning), Megan (Art Director) and Ashley (PR & Social Media)

3 comments on “Halloween Tributes from My Team

  1. happy halloween, its wonderful celebrations

  2. Very cool badge costumes 🙂 sounds great that you’re keeping the workplace atmosphere lively during holidays like these

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