Vermont Physician & Puppets Test New TV Concept

Dr. Joshua Sherman

Dr. Joshua Sherman, a hospitalist practicing at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, is pioneering a new TV concept. He has recently worked with the local public access station in Bennington, Vermont, to produce a pilot episode. According to a report in the Bennington Banner, the show will be called “100 Hospital Drive” and will target adults, despite the fact that Dr. Sherman will have puppets as co-stars.

Sherman said despite the puppets and up-beat feel, the show is not aimed at the Sesame Street audience. He said the target for this show is healthy people between 14 and 40: Those who need to know about sex, drugs, and sports injuries, those who don’t have insurance and avoid the doctor until they’re in serious condition, and those who have children and possibly aging parents to look after.

He said the show he has in mind fills a gap in health media. Most shows, he said, are either fictional comedies or dramas, while the shows with real doctors are geared at people who are already sick. This would target people who can use the knowledge to keep themselves healthy, and does it in a way that is fun and engaging.” (Source: Bennington Banner, October 30, 2011)

For more on this story, visit the Bennington Banner online at A similar story appeared on Vermont Public Radio. That story can be found at

This sounds like a great concept to bring to the Internet. I’m curious if Dr. Sherman or the folks at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (one of my firm’s clients) have plans to launch a web series. In any event, it is a very cool concept and I look forward to seeing the pilot episode.

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