With the prevalence of social media in my life, I make a lot of professional friends that I rarely get to see in person. Often I will know someone online for two or three years before I actually connect with them in real life (IRL). That one of the reason I love attending national conference like Mayo Ragan Health Care Social Media Summit this week. It gave me a chance to connect with several of my professional friends that I had never met IRL. They included people like (consider this a shout out!) Jamie Verkamp (@jamieverkamp), Dan Hinmon (@HiveDan), Howard Luks, MD (@hjluks), Ryan Squire (@RyanSquire), Robert West (@westr), among others. I also got to connect with people that I follow online but had never met in person: @RichmondDoc, @SeattleMamaDoc, @MarkRaganCEO, and @ReedSmith. And of course, I got to reconnect with old friends like ukelele strumming Chris Boyer (@ChrisBoyer) and healthcare attorney extraordinaire David Harlow (@HealthBlawg).

The Summit was an extraordinary event. What made it special was the inclusion of patients and physicians. Too often health care marketing professionals meet and there’s not a patient or physician to be found. In my opinion, the patient should always be in the foreground as we discuss how we market, and why we market. And the physician is too often left out of the equation. If you want to figure out how to include physicians in your social media marketing, a great place to start is by listening to a group of physicians who’ve done it already. Those are things that Mayo Ragan brought to the table that were of immense value.

I’ll wrap up by sharing a few more photos from the event. Enjoy!

Healthy Snack
Wendy Sue Swanson, MD (@SeattleMamaDoc)

Physician Panel

7 comments on “Final Thoughts & Photos from Mayo Ragan

  1. Who’s the tall naked guy on the wall?

  2. was great finally meeting you too…. along with all my other twitter buddies 🙂

  3. Great overview of the event, Dan! Awesome to see you again!

  4. The internet is great for making friends, but without a webcam you can’t meet. But these events give the opportunity to do so – and meet the real person normally hidden behind words and opinions on a keyboard.

    I wonder if anyone wasn’t like their internet profile?

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