The Mayo Ragan Health Care Social Media Summit is the perfect place for networking and meeting industry thought leaders. One of the things you’ll discover is that these social media experts are very much approachable. Not that you really need it (based on the networking last night at the cocktail reception), but I encourage you to take the time to introduce yourself to these professionals and engage them in conversation.

Here’s my list of 20 people you should meet while you’re here:

  1. @LeeAase – Lee Aase, Mayo Clinic
  2. @HiveDan – Dan Hinmon, Hive Strategies
  3. @HealthBlawg – David Harlow, Attorney Extraordinaire
  4. @Jamieverkamp – Jamie Verkamp, (e)merge
  5. @edbennett – Ed Bennett
  6. @hjluks – Howard Luks, MD
  7. @RaganReporter – Jessica Levco – Ragan Healthcare Editor
  8. @ReedSmith – Reed Smith
  9. @KSkipperFoster – Kari Skipper Foster – Corrigan Partners
  10. @endogoddess – Jen Dyer, MD, MPH
  11. @ChrisBoyer – Chris Boyer, Inova Health
  12. @westr – Robert (Bob) West, SUNY Update Medical University
  13. @RichmondDoc – Mark Ryan, MD
  14. @subatomicdoc – Matt Katz, MD
  15. @DrMikeSevilla – Mike Sevilla, MD
  16. @shelholtz – Shel Holtz
  17. @ctsinclair – Christian Sinclair, MD
  18. @SeattleMamaDoc – Wendy Sue Swanson, MD
  19. @RyanSquire – Ryan Squire, Kindred Health
  20. @ahynes1 – Aldon Hynes

This list is just the beginning. There are so many smart, engaging people to meet. And, of course, you can find me: @dandunlop. If you see me wandering the halls, please come up and say hello.

Enjoy the conference!

4 comments on “20 People to Meet Today at #MayoRagan

  1. I wish I had known about this.

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