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Heidi Marble: Author, Artist & Survivor

Although Heidi Marble and I met only once, I felt an immediate connection. Anyone would. Heidi’s that kind of person – she makes an impact. Last year Heidi spoke at one of my clients’ breast cancer awareness events and I had the opportunity to meet her and witness her amazing presentation. “Presentation” is really the wrong word. What Heidi does is a one woman show. She is a power house! We’ve stayed in contact over the last year via email primarily, and I am better off for knowing her.

To give you some background, at age 34 Heidi was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. The experience has transformed her and she openly shares her story through her writing (Waiting for Wings), speaking engagements, and her art. She uses a unique form of artwork to generate awareness and to raise money for people with cancer. Heidi takes used costume jewelry, buttons and bobbles that are donated by Cancer survivors and friends, and uses them to create art. Most recently, she has taken photographs of her art and used the photos to create designs for neckties and women’s fashion T-shirts. They are available for purchase on her website:

Earlier this week I was surprised to receive one of Heidi’s new breast cancer awareness necktie’s in the mail! It was such a thoughtful and well-timed gift. You see, I have a small collection of “pink” ties that I’ve purchased at events over the years and I wear them throughout the month of October. As you might expect, I wore Heidi’s necktie proudly yesterday while visiting one of my hospital clients. The tie prompted comments and gave me another opportunity to tell Heidi’s story (as best I can). That led me to this blog post. If you’ve got a moment, I encourage you to visit Heidi’s websites and get to know her. Watch a video of her speaking at an event. She is extraordinary and would be a great addition to any breast cancer awareness event or survivor celebration. And if you need a new necktie for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or know someone who does, check out her new creations!

1 comment on “Heidi Marble: Author, Artist & Survivor

  1. Hey Dan, thanks for this post. Sparked my interest, and I was able to visit with Heidi this afternoon; I am excited to bring her to our community next year! If you make it to Stehekin this fall as planned, let me know, would love to connect, Celeste

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