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What Can Healthcare Marketers Learn on Twitter?

I am advocating that Twitter is a wonderful professional development tool for healthcare marketers and communicators. To make that point, I’m sharing within this post some of the tidbits shared on Twitter by our peers over a one hour period on Wednesday, October 5, 2011. This is just a tiny snapshot of all of the content shared by way of tweets. However, it should give you a great feel for the depth and variety of healthcare content shared on Twitter. The tweets are important, but the links they provide are even more important. The tweets are usually stepping stones to more information and much greater detail. In my estimation, Twitter is one of the best ways to quickly and efficiently keep abreast of developments in our field.

Healthcare3dot0 11:54am via CoTweet New post from @TMasnik “Patient-Interactive Technology” How tech is improving engagement & quality of care #hcsm

EyeInfo 11:48am via SocialOomph  Elevate position in #search just by being #social? Be “Searchial”

healthblawg 11:47am via TweetDeck  #HealthCare #SocialMedia: An Introduction to Engaging Intelligently and Legally –10/25 Tell a friend #hcsm

HSPH_CCPE 11:30am via HootSuite 10 IT initiatives your hospital should undertake in 2012 –

FranklinTweets 11:29am via Timely App Implications of the new facebook on #hcmktg and

ishmpr 11:25am via HootSuite  RT @iowahospital: Speaker Charles Falls: The 1990s are over and so is the one-organization, one-website world #iha2011am

DigMedCom 11:21am via Timely App  Hospital E-Marketing The brand is not the physical building, it’s the people that make a brand come to life.

medcitynews 11:20am via twitterfeed  Duke University and Verizon partner on new health IT initiative

ThrivingKids 11:18am via TweetDeck  Finding value in the medical home model:

BradJobling 11:18am via Visibli  iPads in the Operating Room: Are these apps and uses more hype than reality? #hcsm

UbiBill 11:17am via HootSuite  Good vid on #hcsm policy @EdBennett shared on his blog. Fun & to the point approach to #sm do’s & don’ts:

PhysiciansPract 11:15am via TweetDeck  #Doctor’s phone app tallies breast cancer risk (@delawareonline)

blueeyepath 11:07am via Tweet Button  PAST INSIGHT: This Social Network Helps You Find Cheap Health Care (via @GOOD)

blueeyepath 11:06am via Tweet Button  Five Myths About Empowered Patients Or E-Patients

HANYScomm 11:05am via HootSuite  Patient Motivation a Must for Accountable Care

StewartGandolf 11:05am via Tweet Button  Hospital Public Relations: When Really Nasty News Hits the Fan… via @HCSuccess

SeattleMamaDoc 11:04am via TweetDeck  “Broadcast Doctors: Practicing Medicine on TV” ~ Dr Cory Franklin via @hrana

MobileHCToday 11:01am via TweetDeck  Missed the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco? Get recap at the What’s Hot@ Health 2.0 page

1 comment on “What Can Healthcare Marketers Learn on Twitter?

  1. Great post, Dan.

    The hashtag, one of life’s great innovations. I’d also offer up a link to the Healthcare Hashtags master list here –>

    That’s a great resource for searching Twitter for just about any health or pharmaceutical related info.


    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community Team

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