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Pink Glove Dance Stimulates Employee Engagement

I have to be honest and share with you that I am not often a fan of fads. For example, I find flash mobs and flash mob videos to be annoying. Petty of me, I know. Another thing that drives me crazy is when people set out to create a viral video. Well, the Pink Glove Dance video trend could easily fall on my list of annoyances – but it hasn’t. You see,  activities often have unintended consequences; and the Pink Glove Dance Videos have all kinds of unintended, positive consequences:

  • The creation of the videos engages employees of the participating healthcare organizations; that has to be a good thing!
  • The people participating in the videos look like they are genuinely having fun! What  can be better than having a good time while promoting a great cause – breast cancer awareness.
  • In the end, the Pink Glove Dance Video Competition will lead to one hospital winning $10,000 to donate to their favorite breast cancer charity. My client, Lexington Medical Center, the only hospital in South Carolina participating in the competition, is competing to raise money for the Vera Bradley Foundation.
  • The videos demonstrate to the community the depth of commitment on the part of the organization/hospital to increase breast cancer awareness and drive early detection. Hospitals have often been places where you go for acute illness, rather than organizations promoting wellness and disease prevention/early detection. It is great for the public to see our hospitals so actively and openly embracing this role.

If you’d like a taste of the Pink Glove Dance Competition, check out this really fun video (below) from Lexington Medical Center.

Even better, if you’d like to cast a vote of support for Lexington Medical Center’s video, you can visit the Pink Glove Dance Competition website at This will take you directly to the page with Lexington Medical Center’s video. From there you can link to all of the other videos in the competition.

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