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2011 SHSMD Conference is in High Gear

Yesterday was the opening day of the 2011 SHSMD conference (Society for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Development of the American Hospital Association). The location they chose for this conference, the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix, is spectacular. It is a beautiful facility with amazing views of the mountains. If day one is any measure of the success of this event, this is destined to be a terrific gathering. There is an energy and vitality to this conference that I haven’t seen for a few years. I don’t know how to really describe it, but I sense an optimism in the air. People seem less weighed down by the economic crisis we’ve been struggling with over the last several years. I tried to make my rounds through the exhibit hall last night during the cocktail reception, but it was nearly impossible. There was so much activity and conversation at every turn. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and colleagues. I expect to do a lot more of that later today. Today I will be hosting a round table discussion and then serving as a moderator for one of the break out sessions. My round table discussion will be on the subject of marketing to referring physicians (independent and employed).

If you want to keep up with the SHSMD Conference, the Twitter feed is fairly lively. Start by following one of the event hashtags: #SHSMD #SHSMD11 #SHSMD2011. I’ve seen each of those being used at different times. Some of the people you might consider following on Twitter include:

There are a ton of promising sessions planned for today including an 11:15am presentation by Chris Bevolo and Chris Boyer titled “Building Your Brand with Wellness.” At 1:30pm there’s a panel presentation titled “SHSMD IGNITE!” that features some terrific panelists including¬† Dean Browell of Feedback and Ryan Squire of Kindred Health. Honestly, looking through the agenda, there are a couple of times when I wish I could be in two places at once.

Enjoy the day!

1 comment on “2011 SHSMD Conference is in High Gear

  1. Thanks for the update, Dan. Makes me wish I was there. Good luck on your hosting and moderating today!

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